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Update: 02/22/2017

I have since moved from Robinhood to Merrill Edge.  I still save on commissions.

Most of the Cons have turned into pros with the move and I am happy with the transition thus far.


I started using Robinhood early this year for all my stock purchases and just recently got access to Instant, since I am starting with only a little bit of money every month, Robinhood is the perfect fit.

Pros of Robinhood.

  • Free Trades – allows me to buy small amount of shares without starting from a loss.
  • Money Available Instantly – Up to $1000, it is credited instantly and allows me to buy the stocks. If you are invited to Instant
  • Intuitive interface, easy setup, no commission fees. The UI is the best I’ve seen in awhile.
  • Save Money – An investor following sound investing principles will save about ~$100-200 per year on trades which can be used towards buying more stocks.  Specially if you are a starting out with limited capital.


  • App-only version, wish there was a nice web client also.
  • No integration with Personal Capital
  • No Automatic Dividend Re-investment.

Since they are still relatively a new brokerage, features like charting and web client will be added later as they are more focused towards the millennial users.

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