The Ultimate Goal: Financial Independence

Since the beginning, my ultimate goal that has always been in the back of my mind is total Financial Independence so my wife and I can travel the world.

We started investing and saving a large portion of our income at the beginning of the year.  As of today, we are saving on average $4500/month on track for 2028 for total FI to have the portfolio produce enough income to support us with dividends.  We are also investing on Dividend Growth Stocks with a long track record of paying dividends and increasing them over time.

We are cutting back on things that we don’t need in the house such as Cable TV and any little bucks that we can scrape here and there or savings from coupons, we transfer to our brokerage account so we can purchase stocks as they come on sale.

Current Stats: (Does not include Roth IRA as it will not be usable if we retire early)

  • Monthly Portfolio Income $100.48*
  • Current Portfolio Size: $34,515.33*

I’ll start doing a financial update on the end of each month to document my progress and keep me in check.