Mid-January 2017 Update

So far, January has been one of those months where the Stock Market refuses to cool down and that more gasoline is definitely being thrown at it.  Valuations are at insane levels based on the slow growth of the balance sheets.  Needless to say, there are still some gems to be picked out.

Quoting the great Warren Buffet “Time in Market is Better than Timing the Market” is definitely my motto.  Throw as much money as possible into the market and let the growing dividends do the magic.   I still have goals to meet for 2017 and this hot market will not derail it.

Purchases so far in the first half of January.

  • ABBV (additional 22 shares @ $61.28, total count of 28 shares now) – Recently increased the dividends by over 12%.
  • VFC (Initial buy of 6 shares @ $53.60) – Recently increased dividends in December by over 13%.
  • AMGN (Initial buy of 5 shares @ $158) – Increased dividends by 15% this year.
  • MO (additional 4 shares @ $67.30, for a total of 16 shares) – Last increased dividends by 7.96% in September.
  • PM (Initial buy of 5 shares @ $90) – Pays a nice 4.6% and last increased in September by 1.96%.
  • T (additional 5 shares @ $41, total count of 25 shares now) – Last increased dividends by 2.08% like clockwork.

Well, that covers all the buys in first half of January, this brings my portfolio income generating to an average of $138.14 or $1657.68 a year.  See you guys at the next update.

Thanks for reading,

– Div Tech Guy!

2017 Goals

2017 is finally here and I am more than ready for what it can bring us.   I believe this will be the best year ever in terms of what new skills I have learned.

DGI and Savings

This will be the first full year of Dividend Growth Investing and I can’t wait for what it will produce.  Plowing every possible cent in the brokerage account and making it investable dollars.

The savings average per month in the taxable account last year was $3,137.08 and in 2017, I hope to at least double that.  Goal for 2017 is $6,274.16+ which should translate to $75,289.92 in new capital from savings along, not including rental and side gigs. A hefty goal indeed.

I’m working on a way to publish my portfolio so you can be shown in real time. Stay tuned.

Rental Income

I raised the rent on one of the apartments since it had been a while since I raised it.  Total expected rental income profit per month will be $1,460, $17,520 per year in passive income.  All this extra income will go to brokerage account.

Other Gigs

Credit Card Trade lines should bring in at least ~$10k in additional passive income. Network monitoring for my friend’s office, $125/month, $1,500 per year.

Final Thoughts

My main idea for this blog will be to document my achievements so I can look back and see how much progress was made.   What could I have done better or worse.

Thanks for reading.

– Div Tech Guy