Mid-January 2017 Update

So far, January has been one of those months where the Stock Market refuses to cool down and that more gasoline is definitely being thrown at it.  Valuations are at insane levels based on the slow growth of the balance sheets.  Needless to say, there are still some gems to be picked out.

Quoting the great Warren Buffet “Time in Market is Better than Timing the Market” is definitely my motto.  Throw as much money as possible into the market and let the growing dividends do the magic.   I still have goals to meet for 2017 and this hot market will not derail it.

Purchases so far in the first half of January.

  • ABBV (additional 22 shares @ $61.28, total count of 28 shares now) – Recently increased the dividends by over 12%.
  • VFC (Initial buy of 6 shares @ $53.60) – Recently increased dividends in December by over 13%.
  • AMGN (Initial buy of 5 shares @ $158) – Increased dividends by 15% this year.
  • MO (additional 4 shares @ $67.30, for a total of 16 shares) – Last increased dividends by 7.96% in September.
  • PM (Initial buy of 5 shares @ $90) – Pays a nice 4.6% and last increased in September by 1.96%.
  • T (additional 5 shares @ $41, total count of 25 shares now) – Last increased dividends by 2.08% like clockwork.

Well, that covers all the buys in first half of January, this brings my portfolio income generating to an average of $138.14 or $1657.68 a year.  See you guys at the next update.

Thanks for reading,

– Div Tech Guy!

12 Replies to “Mid-January 2017 Update”

  1. Looks like you have been very busy in January with all these purchases. I like a lot of the buys you have made as I happen to own several you mention or have it on my watch list. It’s nice to see that many of our fellow dividend investing peers continue to invest despite the constant barrage of negative headlines, which always exist during the best and worst of times. Congrats on adding to your passive income stream.

  2. Nice purchases! Of those I own AMGN and T. AMGN is down slightly from when I bought it but was able to dollar cost average down with an additional purchase. Love AMGN’s growth and increasing dividend. T also has great growth prospects with their DirecTV acquisition and upcoming purchase of Time Warner.


  3. You have been busy in January. I like the profiting from people’s vices like tobacco and alcohol. I love it. Whenever I’m on a bus or train and I feel overwhelmed with smoke. I just secretly grin knowing that they’re paying for my retirement. =)

    I’m going to have to pick up some of these shares.

  4. Those are some awesome companies that you are holding. I am shocked that the market is staying this hot and have been waiting for a pullback for awhile now. I was hoping to dollar cost average some cheaper shares but like Warren Buffett say time in the market is more important than timing the market.

  5. I like the way January started out for you. Nice buys, especially VFC and ABBV. I’m long both of these stocks. I own PM as well, but I’m not as in love with the stock as I used to be. I’ve been selling covered calls against it. If one of my contracts gets assigned, I’ll let the shares go and probably not re-open a position. Thanks for sharing.

  6. AT&T is a good buy still, the yield is high and income is stable. I’m sure when 5G rolls around, AT&T will get there, in the meanwhile rural America is still relying on AT&T for phone, internet, and Sat TV services. With this crazily high market, AT&T is definitely a great buy.

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