February 2017 Income Update

February has been another crazy month.  Lots of steam in still in the engine room and engine refuses to give up.  I continue to buy in this market and looking for values that are still there to be found.  I’m finally done with the move to Merrill Edge from Robinhood and so far the move has been great.

Overall experience has been great and went on a buying spree at the end of February.  Some of my other purchases were covered on the Mid-Feb update.

Recents Buys
  • QCOM (added 12 shares @ $56.715 for a total of 19 shares) -3.74% yield
  • UPS (added 6 shares @ $105.41 for a total of 7 shares) – 3.15% yield
  • KO (added 8 shares @ $41.699 for a total of 41 shares) – 3.55% yield
  • HRL (added 10 shares @ $34.79 for a total of 24 shares) – 1.95% yield
  • DIS (added 2 shares @ $109.64 for a total of 3 shares) – 1.42% yield
  • VFC (added 12 shares @ $52.89 for a total of 21 shares) – 3.14% yield
  • XOM (added 10 shares @ 81.06 for a total of 12 shares) – 3.70% yield
  • TGT (added 33 shares @ 57.95 for a total of 60 shares) – 4.14% yield
Contributions/NEW CAPITAL

New capital for this month was $3,299.45, not as high as I hope to save/invest because I had some unexpected bills that came up.   Its still higher then my average monthly new capital contributions for 2016 by $162.37, thats a success in my book so far.  Thats 2 months down, 10 more to go and plenty of time to recover and achieve the 2017 goals.  New capital for the year is at $10,220.58.

Dividends received

I’m finally starting to have data for 2016 which I can compare to see the growth that is happening across my portfolio.   February 2016, I clocked in $12.70 in dividend income, in 2017, that number jumped to $105.52.  More than 7x in growth.    My goal is to live off this portfolio in the future so I’m racing as fast as I can to continue to put in growths in the charts.


This was a good month for increases, lots of my holdings increased the dividends bringing in $13.87 in new dividend income for the year 🙂  My portfolio average dividend growth is 8.30%.

Bring on March, we are ready for you.

The portfolio ending balance for February is $55,098.60

Thanks for reading.

14 Replies to “February 2017 Income Update”

  1. Wow… very impressive numbers! I had contemplated whether to buy more shares of TGT myself since there was a huge pullback. I’ve been deliberating whether or not to heed Warren Buffet’s comment about the retail industry. Personally, I think TGT and WMT are great retail companies, but at the same time, Warren Buffet is a well-known investor. But picking up shares of TGT at that price with a 4% yield is sweet.

    Investing over $3K of fresh capital is definitely going to quickly propel you to where you want to be. Continue at that rate, and you’ll get there in no time!

    And congrats on the YOY gain… 730%! Just wow… Keep up the great work.

  2. Looks like a great month for you! Impressive, being able to add that much new capital into your portfolio. It shows everything is working exactly how it is supposed to with that YoY% growth. Perfect time to buy TGT too with that big drop recently. Keep up the good work!

  3. TGT is a great buy surpassing the 4% yield. I put in an order but it didn’t clinch today. Oh well, I’m broke anyways, been itching to buy but the market at the all time high, I’ve been telling myself to be patient.

  4. Doing all the right things… Great job with your Feb. passive income and year over year change as well as keeping busy with all those buys. I like many of those staples you picked up like HRL (which I’m considering this month), KO and VFC. Thanks for sharing.

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