Mid-February 2017 Update

January is behind us and on to February, market seems to be cooling off a bit.  Even with the cool off, I am still adding new capital and continuing to buy companies that fit my criteria for future income growth.

Recent Buys

Started the month off by buying several companies that went into to correction mode, I certainly don’t mind.

  • ADP (added 3 shares at $95.74, total 4 shares now) Div Yield: 2.39% (last increase in December for 7.55%)
  • VZ (added 2 shares at $48.42, total 5 shares now) Div Yield: 4.76% (last increase in October for 2.21%)
Other Activity

I have been slow in the purchasing side as I’m the process of doing an ACAT transfer of my brokerage account at Robinhood to Merrill Edge.  Part of the move is that portfolio has crossed the $50,000 mark and will qualify for free trades at Merrill Edge under the platinum Rewards.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Robinhood, but the limitation of just an app is really starting to drag along with the inability to reach support for a reasonable amount of time have set off the my limits.    I will still have an account at RH so I can utilize some of the functions from their Unofficial API which other brokerages don’t provide.

Account transfer should be completed in the next 3-5 business days and I can’t wait, I have been adding a little bit of cash to the freshly started account so it will be ready when the transfer completes.

Thanks for reading

Div Tech Guy 🙂

6 Replies to “Mid-February 2017 Update”

  1. Did you have to pay a large amount of fees to transfer over the Merrill Edge? I’m thinking of switching from Trade King to Merrill Edge.

    Also, unofficial RH API, can you provide a link or more details? I’m interested 🙂

    1. RH charges $75 for outgoing ACATs but Merrill Edge will give me $150 for bringing over $50k so that cancels the charge out.

      RH Api is available on github for various languages.

  2. Good buys, I also picked up some VZ. I’m sorry about having issues with Robinhood, that really sucks. I haven’t had any issues I need to contact support about so I hope that continues.

    Also what is this Robinhood unofficial API? I’m really curious!

  3. Very solid buys. Man I haven’t thought about buying ADP in a while. Can’t wait to dive into it later tonight. I’m holding off on VZ now and focusing my attention elsewhere since I have a pretty large position in T. But I’m sure your income received a nice jolt from all of this!


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