April 2017 Income & Status Update

Another month has gone by, 1st Quarter is officially in the books and earnings are starting to come out.   Stock market is loosing a little steam and seems to be going sideways the past few weeks and I’m still investing.

One interesting fact is this marks the one year mark where I decided to switch gears in investing and approach more of Dividend Growth Investing strategy.  So far the results have been producing a nice stream of income and is more reliable that speculative buying of stocks.

Recent Buys
  • VZ (added 50 shares @ $47.13, total of 55 shares), 4.28% yield
  • JNJ (added 10 shares @ $121.76, total of 29.1196 shares), 2.73% yield
  • IBM (added 3 shares @ $160.36, total of 9 shares), 3.31% yield
New Capital

I’m still on the accumulating phase and been trying to scrap every little dollar I can and transfer to brokerage account.  Credit card rebates, coupon savings difference all get sent to brokerage account as new capital.  This year I added is $4145.45 of new capital, compared to $960.40 for last year.  Growing very nicely.


April has continued the growth streak, I’m still not anywhere where I want to be in terms of aggressive dividends due to tax refund not coming in yet but still showed growth from previous year.  I received $106.14 in dividend income compared to $12.99 for last year, a 7-fold increase 🙂

Dividend increases also propelled nicely and added an additional $17.33 in future income.

The train continues.

10 Replies to “April 2017 Income & Status Update”

  1. A 7-fold increase year over year is fantastic — congratulations! Keep up the good work and enjoy the dividend growth train.

  2. This was the strategy I’m going for. Investing for income/growth in times when the market moves sideway. There’s a couple big events going on politically that the market is waiting to respond to, but I prefer this type of strategy. Getting paid to wait.

    Nice Job in your portfolio, I too am scrapping everything buying. Listing some junk on Craigslist, and taking advantage of rebates. Just thankful no rent increase here in SF.

  3. Love it love it love it. D4S. Amazing results right here! Love what I am seeing and it is great to see how you are getting the dividend snowball rolling here. Keep up the great work and hopefully this inspires you to keep on fighting.


  4. Nice! I totally doubled down on my VZ shares. Even though VZ and O primarily make up my portfolio, both of these stocks are great buying opportunities right now.

    Good job!

  5. Your dividends are increasing fast! As for myself, I think I’m currently expecting to earn ~$100 in dividends for 2017. I hope to reach $1000 in 2018.

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