May 2017 Income & Status Update

Hello Everyone, I’m sorry for the late update.  I have been busy with work and life in general and didn’t update on the time that I like to update.

May was another record month for me as we plow through and get the engine roaring.

New Capital

I have transferred a record breaking $5909.77 for new capital to be deployed into stocks.  An incredible update from $361.87 of May 2016 which I am extremely happy with the progress so far.


Dividends are still growing nicely also year over year.  For May, I received $157.85 in dividend payments, a 7X increase from the previous year of $17.93.  Again, I’m extremely happy with the progress.

Strategy/Moving Forward

I have started consolidating most of my portfolio and did a few changes as I had way too many stocks that I purchased when they took a dive and sold them at their highs.  Most of the sells it would have taken me years to realize those gains through dividends.  I have started parking some money on SCHD which is a low cost dividend ETF.


Ended May 2017 with the portfolio size of $71,791.21, an increase of $9,466.21 from the previous month which I’m extremely happy with.

Thanks for reading the update and I promise I’ll get back on schedule with these updates.