May 2017 Income & Status Update

Hello Everyone, I’m sorry for the late update.  I have been busy with work and life in general and didn’t update on the time that I like to update.

May was another record month for me as we plow through and get the engine roaring.

New Capital

I have transferred a record breaking $5909.77 for new capital to be deployed into stocks.  An incredible update from $361.87 of May 2016 which I am extremely happy with the progress so far.


Dividends are still growing nicely also year over year.  For May, I received $157.85 in dividend payments, a 7X increase from the previous year of $17.93.  Again, I’m extremely happy with the progress.

Strategy/Moving Forward

I have started consolidating most of my portfolio and did a few changes as I had way too many stocks that I purchased when they took a dive and sold them at their highs.  Most of the sells it would have taken me years to realize those gains through dividends.  I have started parking some money on SCHD which is a low cost dividend ETF.


Ended May 2017 with the portfolio size of $71,791.21, an increase of $9,466.21 from the previous month which I’m extremely happy with.

Thanks for reading the update and I promise I’ll get back on schedule with these updates.

4 Replies to “May 2017 Income & Status Update”

  1. D4F –

    Chugga, chugga, chugga – CHOO CHOO!! Your train is firing on all cylinders and the amount that you’ve been able to save and plow into investments is incredible. If you keep that up, who knows where you’ll be at in a few years, awesome.


  2. Wow! $5,909 added in one month is a great way to move that needle. At that rate, your portfolio and your forward dividends will growth quite nicely. Impressive year over year change, hope you can keep it up. 🙂

    Best wishes and continued success! AFFJ

  3. Exciting stuff, to see just a rapid increase portfolio size.
    I also took your advice and Opened a Merrill Edge Account, such great services, especially when they offer 100 free trades a month, along with the full service platform.

    1. That is great.

      Yes, I’m extremely happy with Merrill Edge, I just miss the Robinhood App ease of use, but the support and general feel of the platform is much better.


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