June 2017 Income & Status Update

Hello everyone.  June was another rockstar month for me in terms of growth and capital deployed.  I’m starting to shift some capital from the winners to some of the losers to balance things out.

New Capital

Now that the engine is roaring for multiple years, the comparison from what I

first started to where things are now shows that it really pays to keep notes of how you are progressing in the financial independence realm.   For the month

of June 2017, $3,265.57 was new capital deployed, not what I would like to average on a monthly basis, but still double what was last June of $1,541.24.


June was my best month ever for dividends, a solid $483.40 in dividend income, compared to $21.66 for June 2016.   It is just insane that if you make a process, believe in the process and follow it, you will be greatly rewarded on the end.

  • SCHG (added 99 shares at $63.98)

I haven’t talked about debt here before but I been liking Passive Income Dude spreadsheet and I hope to evolve to something in that sense.  I fully believe that the only thing that slows you down from achieving FI faster is debt.

This has been one of the hardest challenges to do while contributing new capital for investing.  I know some of you will say, pay debt down first, invest later.  In a sense I agree with that, but when you create a process of contributing every month, you essentially write off that money and don’t treat as disposable.  It has worked for me to pay my self first before paying down debt.

The month of June was the last month that I carried any credit card balance and I am grateful to God for that.  I hope to remain debt free while I build up the snowball.  I do not have any Auto Loans either and do not believe in them,  the only thing that I have are two mortgages.  One for my rental property and one for my primary residence.

Portfolio balance

Month ended at $81,067.81, an increase of $9,276.60  from the previous month.

Thanks for reading guys and lets keep on investing.

-Tech Guy

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