August 2017 Income & Status Update

I apologize for the late post, with all madness that has been happening the past few weeks with the Hurricanes and being without power, I had some other things that took priority over updating the blog.

Things are still moving nice and smoothly and new records being broken every month.  I have been playing with options also to generate additional revenue to invest into the dividend stocks and ETFs.

New Capital

This was a record month in terms of new capital added, I finally got my state tax refund back after months and months of delays.  Total new capital contributed was $11,342.78, an astonishing increase of over $7,000 from August 2016 of $2,787.37


Dividends are continuing coming in and got to love receiving all this “extra” incoming monthly.  Total income for August was $66.03, a 250% increase from last August. The following are companies/ETFs that paid out in August.

  • MA – $1.76
  • SPHD – $20.06
  • T – $12.40
  • VZ – $31.80
New Buys
  • SPHD – 100 shares $40.50
  • SCHD – 100 shares $45.95
  • SCHG – 70 shares $65.02
Portfolio Balance & Metrics

Current Portfolio balance is $103,378.91, finally achieving my first goal of $100,000 portfolio.  Next goal is $200,000.

The portfolio still performing, things are still growing and Monthly Estimate Income, which is the metric I use to track income growth, finished at $314.44, a $35.21 increase from the previous month.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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