September 2017 Income & Status Update

Well, 3rd Quarter is over and we are 3 months away from the conclusion of 2017.  It seems how time is flying.  Stock markets are running red hot and seems there is no end to this Bull market.

September was a slow month in regards to stock buying.  This has been the first month since I purchased a stock for my long term portfolio, reason being with all the hurricanes down hear in the Florida and all the madness going on I didn’t get a chance.   October is waiting.

New Capital

This was the first month that I did not contribute a lot of capital to the Dividend Growth Fund.  I paid down all credit card debt and had to do some much needed repairs to the house.  Replaced all the flooring and that ended up eating all the money that was left over.

As you can see on the chart below, I was rather disappointed with the outcome contributing only $350.42 to the fund vs $7,773.73 last September.


Dividends are flowing in very nicely and the change from since I started this whole journey is amazing.  It shows that being consistent every month definitely pays off on the end.   Total Dividend Income came in at $386.66 compared to $48 last September, a 700% Increase.  I am extremely happy with how things are turning out.

As you can see on the chart above, the uptrend is real.   The dip in June 2017 was attributed to me shifting some of the winners into ETFs to make managing the portfolio as it grows easier.

Below are the companies/ETFs that paid me in Sept.

  • SCHD – $149.39
  • SCHG – $79.85
  • TGT – $43.79
  • SCHB – $25.57
  • CVX – $22.91
  • SPHD – $20.12
  • QCOM – $19.68
  • V – $12.05
  • LMT – $7.38
  • COST – $6.56
  • MSFT – $5.49
  • MCD – $2.86
Portfolio Update & Goal

Current Portfolio balance is $115,049.94, a whooping $11,671.03 (11.29%) change from August.  This was income on some options calls that I purchased and they worked out beautifully.  My strategy has been buying calls on companies that dropped because of the North Korea missile threats and selling them within a few days.  This makes it all possible to get closer to the next goal of $200,000.

Estimated Monthly Income for the portfolio is sitting at $349.94 or about 7% of my goal of $5,000 a month in dividend/portfolio generated income.

Next Quarter Goals

Add on to all positions, double some of my smaller positions like MA, MCD, MSFT and so on and add a Chinese ETF to the mix.  I believe China still has a lot of growth and companies based there have a bigger advantage than foreign companies because the way the government operates.  I have been watching CQQQ as a potential ticker that will be added to my Core ETF portfolio.

That’s it for this month.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

4 Replies to “September 2017 Income & Status Update”

  1. Amazing things all around D4S. I love the increase in your dividend income and I love the increase in your portfolio that you experienced. Don’t sweat the decrease in New Capital too much. There will be other months where you can add more. Plus, you forgot to mention that you had over $386 in new capital added to your portfolio via re-investment that you didn’t have last year.

    Cheers and congrats again on the great month!


  2. Great update! The charts are great. Personal Capital is great for stuff like that. Also love seeing SCHD. I feel that it doesn’t get the love that the Vanguard Dividend ETFs do for whatever reason.

    Another competing strategy to your buying the stocks that drop on news of North Korea is to buy companies that either drop due to Amazon entering their industry or are a potential Amazon takeover target. I did the former with Kroger.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Wow, amazing. Just started my own dividend portfolio this summer and will hope fully grow over the coming years. Do you have any post about what stocks/etf’s that are in your portfolio? or your dividend calendar?

    Keep up the good work!

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