October 2017 Income & Status Update

What a difference a year makes when you are consistent.  Looking back on the past posts when I started documenting my journey to Financial Independence through Dividend Growth Investing with inspiration from other bloggers in the community.  Thanks everyone for writing and documenting their journey and inspiring others to do the same.


Last year, in the new capital battle, everything is moving a long, lots of changes this year, some remodeling done to the house and I have not been able to contribute as much as I would like to the fund.  I hope things change in the coming months.  New Capital for this month was $3,135.00 while last October was a whopping $7,347.75, last than 50% of what I was able to save last year.


Dividends continue to flow in nicely and get reinvested.  The first month of the quarter is usually the slowest for me in terms of dividend income, but nonetheless still getting paid. 🙂  Total income for October 2017 came in at $24.29 vs $23.45 for October 2016, a slight 3.5% increase which is always welcome.

Companies that paid in October are

  • SPHD – $24.29

I wanted to have more exposure to the Chinese market as they have a home-market advantage as its extremely hard for a new company to be introduced in China do to government regulations.  I initiated a position on CQQQ as part of deployment of funds.

  • 100 shares of CQQQ at $58.64 average price.
Portfolio Update

Portfolio is still growing very nicely with and I noticed that the growth seems to be getting more intense, talk about exponential growth.  Balance is currently sitting at $122,407.03, a $7,357.09 increase from September.

Estimated Monthly Income which is the benchmark I utilize to calculate how much my portfolio would produce If I just let it do its thing is currently sitting at $372.32, an increase of $22.38 from the previous month.  I’m at 7.52% of my current goal of producing $5,000/month in dividend income.

Goals continue to build on existing positions, and hope to start doing that the following month.  I’m looking to finish the year 2017 at $150,000 in invested funds.

Thanks for reading 🙂