October 2017 Income & Status Update

What a difference a year makes when you are consistent.  Looking back on the past posts when I started documenting my journey to Financial Independence through Dividend Growth Investing with inspiration from other bloggers in the community.  Thanks everyone for writing and documenting their journey and inspiring others to do the same.


Last year, in the new capital battle, everything is moving a long, lots of changes this year, some remodeling done to the house and I have not been able to contribute as much as I would like to the fund.  I hope things change in the coming months.  New Capital for this month was $3,135.00 while last October was a whopping $7,347.75, last than 50% of what I was able to save last year.


Dividends continue to flow in nicely and get reinvested.  The first month of the quarter is usually the slowest for me in terms of dividend income, but nonetheless still getting paid. 🙂  Total income for October 2017 came in at $24.29 vs $23.45 for October 2016, a slight 3.5% increase which is always welcome.

Companies that paid in October are

  • SPHD – $24.29

I wanted to have more exposure to the Chinese market as they have a home-market advantage as its extremely hard for a new company to be introduced in China do to government regulations.  I initiated a position on CQQQ as part of deployment of funds.

  • 100 shares of CQQQ at $58.64 average price.
Portfolio Update

Portfolio is still growing very nicely with and I noticed that the growth seems to be getting more intense, talk about exponential growth.  Balance is currently sitting at $122,407.03, a $7,357.09 increase from September.

Estimated Monthly Income which is the benchmark I utilize to calculate how much my portfolio would produce If I just let it do its thing is currently sitting at $372.32, an increase of $22.38 from the previous month.  I’m at 7.52% of my current goal of producing $5,000/month in dividend income.

Goals continue to build on existing positions, and hope to start doing that the following month.  I’m looking to finish the year 2017 at $150,000 in invested funds.

Thanks for reading 🙂

August 2017 Income & Status Update

I apologize for the late post, with all madness that has been happening the past few weeks with the Hurricanes and being without power, I had some other things that took priority over updating the blog.

Things are still moving nice and smoothly and new records being broken every month.  I have been playing with options also to generate additional revenue to invest into the dividend stocks and ETFs.

New Capital

This was a record month in terms of new capital added, I finally got my state tax refund back after months and months of delays.  Total new capital contributed was $11,342.78, an astonishing increase of over $7,000 from August 2016 of $2,787.37


Dividends are continuing coming in and got to love receiving all this “extra” incoming monthly.  Total income for August was $66.03, a 250% increase from last August. The following are companies/ETFs that paid out in August.

  • MA – $1.76
  • SPHD – $20.06
  • T – $12.40
  • VZ – $31.80
New Buys
  • SPHD – 100 shares $40.50
  • SCHD – 100 shares $45.95
  • SCHG – 70 shares $65.02
Portfolio Balance & Metrics

Current Portfolio balance is $103,378.91, finally achieving my first goal of $100,000 portfolio.  Next goal is $200,000.

The portfolio still performing, things are still growing and Monthly Estimate Income, which is the metric I use to track income growth, finished at $314.44, a $35.21 increase from the previous month.

Thanks for reading 🙂


July 2017 Income & Status Update

I can’t believe we are already done with July, it seems time is just flying by.  Things are running very smoothly with the portfolio, I have started to downsize my portfolio as it was a bit out of control with too many small positions and happy to report it is done.

New Capital

Happy to report that I was able to inject more capital to my Dividend Growth Engine, a total of $4,304.90 that is currently being deployed.   It is still 4x more than I was able to put last year and now that I have cleared off all credit card debt, this amount should start increasing also.


Because of the shift of my portfolio, July was a small dividend month in terms of payouts, most of the dividends are getting paid out on the 2nd and 3rd month of the quarter.  Total income was $9.70 compared to $10.09 last July.  Companies/ETFs that paid out dividends are:

  • SPHD
  • V (added 50 shares  @ $94.00)
  • TGT (added 10 shares @ $50.36)
  • SPHD (added 100 shares @ $39.75)
  • COST (added 10 shares @ $151.12)
  • T (added 75 shares at $36.63)
  • VZ (added 75 shares at $43.76)
Portfolio Balance

July finished with a balance of $91,801.51, a 13.24% change from June of $81,067.81.

I’m extremely happy with the portfolio performance thus far, balance is continuing to grow.  Expected Monthly Portfolio Income is also growing sitting at $279.23 in passive income that is being re-invested every month and thus getting closer to reaching my goal of FI.

Thanks for reading,

Tech Guy

June 2017 Income & Status Update

Hello everyone.  June was another rockstar month for me in terms of growth and capital deployed.  I’m starting to shift some capital from the winners to some of the losers to balance things out.

New Capital

Now that the engine is roaring for multiple years, the comparison from what I

first started to where things are now shows that it really pays to keep notes of how you are progressing in the financial independence realm.   For the month

of June 2017, $3,265.57 was new capital deployed, not what I would like to average on a monthly basis, but still double what was last June of $1,541.24.


June was my best month ever for dividends, a solid $483.40 in dividend income, compared to $21.66 for June 2016.   It is just insane that if you make a process, believe in the process and follow it, you will be greatly rewarded on the end.

  • SCHG (added 99 shares at $63.98)

I haven’t talked about debt here before but I been liking Passive Income Dude spreadsheet and I hope to evolve to something in that sense.  I fully believe that the only thing that slows you down from achieving FI faster is debt.

This has been one of the hardest challenges to do while contributing new capital for investing.  I know some of you will say, pay debt down first, invest later.  In a sense I agree with that, but when you create a process of contributing every month, you essentially write off that money and don’t treat as disposable.  It has worked for me to pay my self first before paying down debt.

The month of June was the last month that I carried any credit card balance and I am grateful to God for that.  I hope to remain debt free while I build up the snowball.  I do not have any Auto Loans either and do not believe in them,  the only thing that I have are two mortgages.  One for my rental property and one for my primary residence.

Portfolio balance

Month ended at $81,067.81, an increase of $9,276.60  from the previous month.

Thanks for reading guys and lets keep on investing.

-Tech Guy

April 2017 Income & Status Update

Another month has gone by, 1st Quarter is officially in the books and earnings are starting to come out.   Stock market is loosing a little steam and seems to be going sideways the past few weeks and I’m still investing.

One interesting fact is this marks the one year mark where I decided to switch gears in investing and approach more of Dividend Growth Investing strategy.  So far the results have been producing a nice stream of income and is more reliable that speculative buying of stocks.

Recent Buys
  • VZ (added 50 shares @ $47.13, total of 55 shares), 4.28% yield
  • JNJ (added 10 shares @ $121.76, total of 29.1196 shares), 2.73% yield
  • IBM (added 3 shares @ $160.36, total of 9 shares), 3.31% yield
New Capital

I’m still on the accumulating phase and been trying to scrap every little dollar I can and transfer to brokerage account.  Credit card rebates, coupon savings difference all get sent to brokerage account as new capital.  This year I added is $4145.45 of new capital, compared to $960.40 for last year.  Growing very nicely.


April has continued the growth streak, I’m still not anywhere where I want to be in terms of aggressive dividends due to tax refund not coming in yet but still showed growth from previous year.  I received $106.14 in dividend income compared to $12.99 for last year, a 7-fold increase 🙂

Dividend increases also propelled nicely and added an additional $17.33 in future income.

The train continues.