BREXIT and Dividend Growth

Here is a list of great resources for you to keep reminded of the current “blip” that we are experiencing.  Basically Keep Calm and Carry on!

What The Great Recession Taught Me About Dividend Growth Investing
Dividend Growth Investing Requires Perseverance
Dividend Investing During the Financial Crisis
Miller’s “The Single Best Investment”

Now is the time to keep buying as basically everything remains on sale.  Look at companies that have solid balance sheets and can weather any storm.


Bloodbath on the Market! Everything on Sale!

Stocks crashed yesterday and for anyone that is long term, need not to worry, as long as you are in solid companies none of the fundamentals of the companies changed.  Here is an excerpt from “The Intelligent Investor” by Ben Graham and how you should see how the news was presented yesterday.

Stocks are crashing, so you turn on the television to catch the latest market news. But instead of CNBC or CNN, imagine that you can tune in to the Benjamin Graham Financial Network. On BGFN, the audio doesn’t capture that famous sour clang of the market’s closing bell; the video doesn’t home in on brokers scurrying across the floor of the stock exchange like angry rodents. Nor does BGFN run any footage of investors gasping on frozen sidewalks as red arrows whiz overhead on electronic stock tickers.

Instead, the image that fills your TV screen is the facade of the New York Stock Exchange, festooned with a huge banner reading: “SALE! 50% OFF!” As intro music, Bachman-Turner Overdrive can be heard blaring a few bars of their old barnburner, “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet.” Then the anchorman announces brightly, “Stocks became more attractive yet again today, as the Dow dropped another 2.5% on heavy volume-the fourth day in a row that stocks have gotten cheaper. Tech investors fared even better, as leading companies like Microsoft lost nearly 5% on the day, making them even more affordable. That comes on top of the good news of the past year, in which stocks have already lost 50%, putting them at bargain levels not seen in years. And some prominent analysts are optimistic that prices may drop still further in the weeks and months to come.

The newscast cuts over to market strategist lgnatz Anderson of the Wall Street firm of Ketchum & Skinner, who says.
“My forecast is for stocks to lose another 15% by June. I’m cautiously optimistic that if everything goes well, stocks could lose 25%, maybe more.”
“Let’s hope lgnatz Anderson is right,” the anchor says cheerily. “Falling stock prices would be fabulous news for any investor with a long term horizon. And now over to Wally Wood for our exclusive AccuWeather forecast.”

Happy Investing.  Lets keep on investing.