Mid-February 2017 Update

January is behind us and on to February, market seems to be cooling off a bit.  Even with the cool off, I am still adding new capital and continuing to buy companies that fit my criteria for future income growth.

Recent Buys

Started the month off by buying several companies that went into to correction mode, I certainly don’t mind.

  • ADP (added 3 shares at $95.74, total 4 shares now) Div Yield: 2.39% (last increase in December for 7.55%)
  • VZ (added 2 shares at $48.42, total 5 shares now) Div Yield: 4.76% (last increase in October for 2.21%)
Other Activity

I have been slow in the purchasing side as I’m the process of doing an ACAT transfer of my brokerage account at Robinhood to Merrill Edge.  Part of the move is that portfolio has crossed the $50,000 mark and will qualify for free trades at Merrill Edge under the platinum Rewards.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Robinhood, but the limitation of just an app is really starting to drag along with the inability to reach support for a reasonable amount of time have set off the my limits.    I will still have an account at RH so I can utilize some of the functions from their Unofficial API which other brokerages don’t provide.

Account transfer should be completed in the next 3-5 business days and I can’t wait, I have been adding a little bit of cash to the freshly started account so it will be ready when the transfer completes.

Thanks for reading

Div Tech Guy 🙂

January 2017 Update

Well, January 2017 is finally on the books, this is the second update in January which highlights the buys that were not covered on the mid-month update and all the new contributions.

The stock market is proving resilient to all the bad news, its good and bad news and regardless, I’ll continue to add and buy while others decided to stay on the sidelines.  The best money is the money that works for you.  Keep Calm and Carry on.

Recent Buys
  • TGT (added 17 shares @ $66 for a total of 27 shares), yielding 3.6%
  • WBA (added 5 shares @ $84 for a total of 6 shares), yielding 1.8%
  • LOW (added 3 shares @ $71.35 for a total of 10 shares), yielding 1.96%
  • GILD (added 8 shares @ $71.60 for a total of 10 shares), yielding 2.63%
  • MO (added 5 shares @ $69.77 for a total of 21 shares), yielding 3.51%
  • VFC (added 3 shares @ $51.58 for a total of 9 shares), yielding 3.26%
  • CSCO (added 8 shares @ $30.20 for a total of 42 shares), yielding 3.47%
Contributions/New Capital

On my goals post, I highlighted how in 2016, I averaged $3,137.08 in new capital and 2017, the goal would be to be able to add new working capital to speed up the process. Well, I’m $6,921.13 which came in from side gigs, rental income profit, selling trade lines and savings from earned income, well over my stated goal and I hope to be able to maintain it throughout the year.

Dividends Received

January 2016, I received a total of $5.47 in dividends and this year, since discovering the power of dividend investing in the Summer of 2016, I have been very aggressively adding new capital to speed up this second income stream which is starting to pay off.  January dividends are clocking in at $52.98,  over 10 times last January.

Dividend Increases

A few holdings that are part of my portfolio announced increases, this is great news as the same shares are earning much more money without me lifting a finger.

  • SPGI – increased 13.89%
  • CINF – increased 4.17%
  • D – increased 7.86%
  • KMB – increased 5.43%
  • O – increased 3.95%
  • ED – increased 2.99%
  • OHI – increased 1.64%
  • EPD – increased 1.23%
Portfolio notes

January kept going up and I thought that there was nothing that could bring the value down for January, but it looks like the forces of gravity are far greater than any Trump Bump and the last few days have been very volatile.

The portfolio briefly touched $50,043.15 on January 25th and is back down to $49,568.14 to finish the month.   Still great growth with new capital that was deployed.

The portfolio finished 2016 with a value of $41,953.73. This means that in the first month of the new year, the portfolio size increased ~17% which is great news if I can maintain this throughout the remaining of the year.

Forward dividends are $1482.70, for 2015, total dividends received was $366.01.  An impressive change. Goal is to be $3,000+ for total dividends received.

1 Month down, 11 more to go 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Mid-January 2017 Update

So far, January has been one of those months where the Stock Market refuses to cool down and that more gasoline is definitely being thrown at it.  Valuations are at insane levels based on the slow growth of the balance sheets.  Needless to say, there are still some gems to be picked out.

Quoting the great Warren Buffet “Time in Market is Better than Timing the Market” is definitely my motto.  Throw as much money as possible into the market and let the growing dividends do the magic.   I still have goals to meet for 2017 and this hot market will not derail it.

Purchases so far in the first half of January.

  • ABBV (additional 22 shares @ $61.28, total count of 28 shares now) – Recently increased the dividends by over 12%.
  • VFC (Initial buy of 6 shares @ $53.60) – Recently increased dividends in December by over 13%.
  • AMGN (Initial buy of 5 shares @ $158) – Increased dividends by 15% this year.
  • MO (additional 4 shares @ $67.30, for a total of 16 shares) – Last increased dividends by 7.96% in September.
  • PM (Initial buy of 5 shares @ $90) – Pays a nice 4.6% and last increased in September by 1.96%.
  • T (additional 5 shares @ $41, total count of 25 shares now) – Last increased dividends by 2.08% like clockwork.

Well, that covers all the buys in first half of January, this brings my portfolio income generating to an average of $138.14 or $1657.68 a year.  See you guys at the next update.

Thanks for reading,

– Div Tech Guy!

2017 Goals

2017 is finally here and I am more than ready for what it can bring us.   I believe this will be the best year ever in terms of what new skills I have learned.

DGI and Savings

This will be the first full year of Dividend Growth Investing and I can’t wait for what it will produce.  Plowing every possible cent in the brokerage account and making it investable dollars.

The savings average per month in the taxable account last year was $3,137.08 and in 2017, I hope to at least double that.  Goal for 2017 is $6,274.16+ which should translate to $75,289.92 in new capital from savings along, not including rental and side gigs. A hefty goal indeed.

I’m working on a way to publish my portfolio so you can be shown in real time. Stay tuned.

Rental Income

I raised the rent on one of the apartments since it had been a while since I raised it.  Total expected rental income profit per month will be $1,460, $17,520 per year in passive income.  All this extra income will go to brokerage account.

Other Gigs

Credit Card Trade lines should bring in at least ~$10k in additional passive income. Network monitoring for my friend’s office, $125/month, $1,500 per year.

Final Thoughts

My main idea for this blog will be to document my achievements so I can look back and see how much progress was made.   What could I have done better or worse.

Thanks for reading.

– Div Tech Guy




December 2016 Update + Year In Review

2016 was the year I discovered two things that are taking shape in my financial life.  One is the path for Financial Independence that is achievable in a short period of time if we just focus and Dividend Growth Investing.

I am now extremely hungry for both FI/RE and Dividend Growth Investing.  I have cut down my expenses, low hanging fruit without changing a whole lot.

This blog/journal will help me achieve and keep in sane so I can look back and see the achievements that I have done.

Notable financial things that happened in 2016

  • Second home purchased
  • First year of First Property be 100% rented/occupied
  • Discovered the power of Dividend Growth Investing
  • Read 10 more books than 2015
  • Finished the year with $41,963.18 in taxable brokerage account that will produce about $1,503.90 in yearly dividends.
  • Started side gigs to generate extra capital to invest in taxable account

2016 I can say was a good year in terms of savings. I started saving aggressively into the taxable brokerage account adding a monstrous $37,644.92 in new capital, an average of $3,137.08 a month.  I hope that 2017 will continue to bless me in ways that I can not even imagine.

XIRR return for the portfolio currently sits at 16.64% and since the inception has generated $401.87 in dividends, 2017 will crush that.

Dividends Received Since taking changing focus from speculative to long term investing into good Dividend Growth Companies.

As you can see, the portfolio really started to take shape after September when the second stage of transformation happened.  Hopefully I can continue to contribute at such levels God willing in 2017.


I continued to add to existing positions for December and opened new positions.

  • OHI (38 stares @ ~$30)
  • JNJ (7 shares @ ~$110)
  • MA (2 shares @ ~$103)
  • CSCO (12 shares @ ~$30)
  • and other smaller additions.

Goals for 2017

  • Double current savings rate to at least $6,000/monthly average.
  • Finish the year with at least $150,000 in taxable brokerage account. That means I need about $108,000 from where I am now if there is 0 growth in 2017.
  • Generate at least $40,000 in side income
  • Go on a trip to Asia with the Wife.

2017 will definitely be more active on this blog. See you at the other side 🙂

Thanks for reading.

God Bless.

– Div Tech Guy